Vocational skills Olympiad

We highlight the efforts and the talent !! The Beauce-Etchemin School Board will present the Vocational Skills Olympiad on Monday, February 12, 2018, at 7 pm (starting at 6:30 pm) at the Chaudière Industrial Integrated Center (CIMIC), 11700, 25th Avenue, Saint -Georges. Estampro is proud to partner with Metal Sartigan for Bronze Recognition and $ 250 reward at the event. We believe it is important to support the development of our region's resources to promote economic success. Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners!

More capacity: Roccia HR4W plate roller

Over the past few months, Estampro has replaced and added equipment to improve productivity and add new services. Among the acquisitions is a Roccia plate roller. The HR4W model comes from a German design that gives it the precision and rigor recognized by the Germanic people, all presented with an Italian design, the undisputed masters in the matter.

Among the outstanding features of this equipment:

  • Forged and induction hardened rollers
  • Interchangeable upper roller for small diameter
  • Orbital movement of rollers with electronic swing
  • Rollers driven by hydraulic motors
  • Two-way tilting of side rollers
  • Hydromechanical Plate Punching
  • Attachment for conical rolling
  • Infinitely variable operating speeds
  • Ultra rigid mechanically welded frame

 In addition to adding new manufacturing opportunities, this machine has created new jobs in the region.

Countdown is started for the "Rallye de l'emploi"

In a few weeks, on October 20th, 2017, the Employment Rally Beauce-Etchemin will allow job seekers to visit companies and meet key people who work there. For the occasion, Estampro will open its doors and it will be possible to visit the facilities, in addition to meeting the director of human resources, François Lefort. Entries are made via the website:


Luncheon of the President by Conseil economique de Beauce

Members of the Estampro team attended the press conference to announce the 16th luncheon of the President of the Conseil économique de Beauce, which will be held on November 24, 2017. Our Director of Human Resources, François Lefort, speakers at the event. He will share with the audience the initiative set up by Estampro, in conjunction with Metal Sartigan, to offer more stable jobs, despite seasonal fluctuations.

Recruitment is a major issue in the Beauce region. Keeping good employees is a priority at Estampro. It is on the basis of this motivation that we have developed the COOP-RH program. This program allows the transfer of resources between two companies that have complementary seasonal cycles. In this way, people keep their jobs year round.

Okuma LB3000EX-II horizontal lathe

It is with pride that Estampro announces the addition of an Okuma LB3000EX-II machining lathe to its fleet of equipment. Built on Okuma's thermo-friendly concept, the LB 3000EX minimizes thermal expansion. This technology will allow very high precision machining, while being fast and efficient.
This acquisition is another step taken by the Estampro team to maintain its position as a leader in the manufacture of metal components.

A helping hand for recruitment

On September 6, Mr. Samuel Murray, political advisor to the Minister of Finance along with Mr. Jason De Oliveira and Conseil Économique de Beauce CEO Hélène Latulippe, toured a few businesses in La Beauce to meet with the leaders. Recruitment was at the heart of the discussions.

The availability of a good workforce is a major challenge for the development of businesses. The visit of these political figures shows their will to create a mesh that will be beneficial to help fulfilling this need.

At Estampro, doors are open to outsiders who want to be part of the team. We are looking for serious people and families interested in settling in our beautiful part of the country. The Beaucerons, and especially the Estampro team, are "good people". Join us now!

Employment rallye Beauce-Etchemins

Estampro, an employer of choice, is proud to be part of the Employment Rally to be held on October 20, 2017 in the Beauce-Etchemins region. During this day, job seekers will be able to visit the facilities and meet several members of the team, including François Lefort, responsible for evaluating candidates.

Since its founding in 1984, Estampro has maintained a steady growth and has built an enviable reputation in the metal industry. The company relies on its human capital to stand out from the competition and continue to grow. Continuous training, accommodating working conditions and competitive salaries allow the company to join the best of the best.

The safety and well-being of employees is a priority at Estampro. The facilities are new, well maintained and meet all health and safety standards. Despite the growth of the company, the leaders keep the family spirit that reigns there since the very beginning.

You like teamwork, you like the job well done, you are looking for an employer that offers a pleasant working environment and attractive terms; we want to meet you. Register now by following the link below.

30 000 sq feet dedicated to welding

Estampro is constantly growing and adapting its facilities. In addition to adding many new equipment and hiring new staff, we are proud to officially announce the addition of 30,000 square feet dedicated to our welding department. This new space will allow a better flow of production in addition to increase the capacity of assemblies. Our team of welders is constantly trained to meet the highest standards. Major names in the transportation industry, military equipment manufacturers, energy production specialists and many others rely on the expertise available at Estampro for the fabrication of metal components. More than ever, we strive for excellence and we are taking the means to achieve it.

New : 6000 watts fiber laser cutting

Technologies are evolving and manufacturers must keep pace. That's why Estampro is proud to announce the addition of a 6,000-watt Alpha Fiber Optic Laser Cutting System.

The advantages of laser fiber cutting include:

  • Much higher electrical efficiency
  • Higher speeds when cutting thin material
  • Ability to cut reflected materials without fear of back reflections that damage the machine. This makes it possible to cut copper, brass and aluminum without any problem.

Another good reason to choose Estampro for the manufacture of metal parts.


On Nov 5th, Dominic Fortin (President) and Etienne Rancourt (V-P Sales) reached the summit of Mount Athabasca, an emblematic mountain of 3,491 meters (11,453 feet) located in the Canadian Rockies. In total, Dominic and Etienne fought they way up and down the mountain for more than 21h in true winter conditions and with wind gusts up to 100 km/h.

They leave the safety of their car at 3 am. Dominic and Etienne trust their headlamps to find their way up the steep moraine field. At sunrise, they reach the foot of the impressive and heavily crevassed Athabasca Glacier. It's time to rope up and move cautiously, circling and crossing several deep and dark crevasses. Progress is slow. They must break trail in knee-deep snow, an exponentially arduous task as they gain altitude. They finally reach the base of the Silverhorn Route, a 500 vertical meters, 50 to 60 degrees snow and blue ice slope. Ice screws, technical crampons and ice axes are definitely required. An exposed snowy ridge finally leads them to the coveted summit. They start their technical descent via the AA Col just when darkness begins to set slyly. They rejoin their car late at night, not without having struggled to find their way in this endless maze of moraines.

It was truly epic!



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