No room for error

The defense industry supplies equipment that ensures the safety of our soldiers and our nation. In a context where you have to be ready for whatever comes, there is no room for equipment failure or parts that do not fulfill their function perfectly.

For those who proudly wear the uniform

Because every day they stand tall to protect their country’s safety and territorial integrity, they deserve reliable and efficient equipment. They must be able to rely on each part, every functional detail, every moment.

To be the number one

Estampro has one goal: to become your number one partner for metal components and assemblies. A partnership rooted in trust, precision, innovation, consistency and quality, that puts us ahead of the competition.

Meet all expectations

We have the experience, expertise and facilities required to ensure the fabrication, assembly, repair, retrofit and refurbishment of components, equipment and critical subsystems. We can also do multi parts kitting and shipping to accommodate such operations conducted elsewhere.

Military expertise

Estampro already fabricates components used in the defense sector. We also have considerable expertise with the Industrial and Regional Benefits Policy (IRB), as well as in setting up high quality / low risk transactions. We also make every effort to maximize Canadian content in each of our projects.

Global Value Chain

We already export to the U.S., Europe and South America, which makes us a perfect partner for GVC integration and indirect IRB transactions.


ESTAMPRO, 104, Parc Industrial Road, Saint-Évariste (Québec) Canada G0M 1S0   •   Tel.: 418 459-3423