Industrial equipment

What distinguishes us

ESTAMPRO manufactures metal components and assemblies for world-class businesses. OEMs entrust us to fabricate metal parts or subassemblies because they value partnership and trust. We carry out all stages of production from our 62 500 sq. ft. plant. Our equipment is constantly renewed and our staff is trained on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the highest quality standards.

Reverse Engineering

If you do not have access to the plans of the parts that you have to produce, we offer a service that allows reverse engineering to create CAO models in 3D by using existing objects. This allows to design plans and to estimate high precision in a short time and thus speeds up the process of manufacturing. The design of new parts to fit an existing part is also facilitated by the use of this innovative process.

Knowledge and expertise

ESTAMPRO consists of more than one hundred enthusiasts who put their knowledge and expertise at your service. We train and certify our workers on a regular basis to maintain and develop their skills. We believe in the value of a skilled and a motivated workforce.

Project management

Every customer of ESTAMPRO has a responsibility for a unique project for ensuring strict monitoring of orders. This ensures better communication and a better understanding of specific needs. This formula has proved its worth for the quality, accuracy for timeliness of delivery.


Since time is a strong argument in just in time production, we're very proud to be able to deliver orders quickly. The variety and efficiency of our fleet of equipment allows us to perform all stages of manufacturing internally. Manufacturing times are not delayed with the addition of subcontracted work.

Development partnership

Manufacturing and metal processing is an art that is well controlled in ESTAMPRO. This allows us to work in partnership with our customers to improve the product and make it both competitive and efficient. We love facing manufacturing challenges and especially being surprised by our innovation and creativity.

Computerized system for production control

We use a computerized system for production control (ERP) that tracks the evolution of a real-time order by accurately measuring the costs, tracking inventory levels, and many other valuable tools to ensure optimum performance.



ESTAMPRO, 104, Parc Industrial Road, Saint-Évariste (Québec) Canada G0M 1S0   •   Tel.: 418 459-3423