Quality control

Each piece is rigorously prepared in accordance with specified tolerances. We combine highly sophisticated measuring equipment with strict procedures in order to assure the guarantee of every product that is manufactured. Our quality assurance system has proven itself with industries where safety is paramount, such as energy and transport.

Zeiss Spectrum II

This coordinate measuring machine (CMM) fully meets the strictest manufacturing tolerances. It uses the famous Carl Zeiss technology for sensors and software applications to establish coordinates metrology. It is suitable for general use and can be configured to meet very specific needs.

Key features

  • Carl Zeiss RDS-C5 articulating probe holder
  • XDT multi-point sensor or Renishaw TP20 touch-trigger
  • Measure angled features in difficult to reach locations
  • Articulating probe holder offers +/- 180 degrees of bi-directional rotation and permits indexing steps of 5 degrees reaching 5,184 angular positions for either sensor
  • CAA (Computer Aided Accuracy) ensures computer-aided error correction of the dynamic deformations of the machine technology

C-Track 780

The C-Track dual-camera sensor is a portable 3D measurement solution that offers probing inspection and dynamic measurement capabilities. It is fitted with high-quality optics and special lighting, enabling it to measure all reflectors within its operating space. The probing stylus is very useful for aligning parts with respect to a referential.

The VXtrack dynamic tracking functionality, offered as an optional software module with the HandyPROBE CMM, is a key component of the TRUaccuracy technology, which guarantees the highest precision there is. Thanks to this feature, the C-Track can be used to measure positions and orientations in space simultaneously and continuously and with great precision. This makes it possible to control displacements, drive assembly processes or measure deformations.

Key features

  • Accuracy at 0.025mm
  • Room of 1 to 3m, Handy Probe 10 'x 20'
  • Measure with dynamic compensation
  • Optical technology
  • Controlling geometric quality
  • Controlling surface quality

Amada FabriVISION 3Di

The FabriVISION is a High-Definition Laser Projector which allows us to scan and compare parts and assemblies with their 3D drawings with unparalled accuracy and in as little as 12 seconds. A few additional seconds later, a full detailed inspection report is generated. Productivity gains of up to 96% are achieved compared to traditional inspection methods. 

Key features

  • Height measurement up to 8"
  • Form feature measurement (e.g. embosses and bridge lances)
  • Edge-to-edge measurement at variable heights
  • Hole-to-hole measurement
  • Angle measurement
  • Reverse engineering


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