PPM Level

In the transport sector, the failure of a single element can have dire consequences. It is therefore absolutely essential for manufacturers to achieve total control of manufacturing processes as well as their supply chain. At Estampro, our personnel are fully aware and trained to live up to these needs. This approach allows us to achieve a “PPM level” perfectly in line with industry standards.

Quality control

In order to promote ongoing improvement and maintain the highest level of client satisfaction, our quality control team works to ensure that all standards are respected and that procedures are fully compliant and monitored. We have a number of certifications including ISO 140001, ISO 9001, CWB W47.1, AWS and ITAR-CGP. Another of our team’s responsibilities is to periodically revise our manufacturing procedures so as to optimise our methods and embrace the latest technologies.

A profitable partnership

In order to fulfil the market’s ever growing needs, we offer the benefits of 30 years’ worth of operational know-how, as well as our specialists’ manufacturing expertise and our cutting-edge production techniques. We thus develop robust and long-lasting business partnerships built on win-win results.

Aligned sequence production

Just-in-time production is a key factor in effective manufacturing. Estampro offers something even better: aligned sequence production. We work with you to develop production schedules that follow your assembly stages and we align our manufacturing and send-out sequence so as to snugly meet your needs over time. You can therefore reduce inventory to a minimum, and constantly roll-out products with no interruption.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering allows us to generate 3D CAD files based on existing parts. We are thus able to rapidly create a digital version of a part so as to reproduce it, rework it or create a new part able to fit in perfectly with the original one. This offers a huge advantage in product development and to improve manufactured parts.



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