A 62,500 sq. ft. building is the home of large fleet of equipment at the cutting edge of technology. We conduct on-site cutting, machining, stamping, punching, folding, bending, welding and assembly. Once finished, the manufactured parts can be stocked and ship through our kitting service. This desirable feature makes us a first class partner for just in time production.

Our kitting service allow you to receive exactly the group of required parts, according to the respective quantities that are required at every step of your production. That way, you can minimize your inventory without risking being out of stock.

We develop close partnerships with our customers and suppliers in order to optimize the use of materials, equipment and staff. Working with ESTAMPRO means controlling costs, on time delivery and quality without compromise.

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ESTAMPRO, 104, Parc Industrial Road, Saint-Évariste (Québec) Canada G0M 1S0   •   Tel.: 418 459-3423