In order to manufacture high-precision metal parts, it is often necessary to use machining prosesses to remove unwanted material. Milling is a manufacturing process that allows such removal by the combination of two movements: the rotation of a cutting tool, and the advance of the workpiece. CNC machines (Computer numerical control ) deliver exceptional accuracy and optimum speed.

Estampro has a fleet of equipment for milling and drilling mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, but also other metals such as brass, copper, Domex, Hardox, Weldox, etc. We offer prototyping, tool manufacturing and also high volume production capabilities.

• 3, 4, 5 axes for milling and drilling

• Micromachining

• Machining tolerances at 0.0001 "(0.0025 mm)

• Hole diameters as low as 0.002 "(0.05 mm)

• Machining of all machinable metals

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