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Office clerk / receptionist

Our products and services are in demand and as a result, our team is continually growing. We are always looking for new talent to add value to our offering. If you are motivated by excellence, have an eye for detail and want to start a stimulating career in the field of metalworking, we certainly have a stimulating job that will meet your expectations.

Estampro is looking for a Office clerk / receptionist

Estampro is recruiting an Office Clerk / Receptionist motivated and prepared to take on new challenges within a dynamic team. As part of their duties, the Receptionist is the Company’s first point of contact, and they are responsible for ensuring that anyone in place extends a warm welcome to visitors. They perform all administrative tasks with the highest quality standards.


  • Welcome the visitors presenting themselves to the reception desk and other facilities, refer them to the appropriate person or service, provide them with general information by phone or in person, and perform other office work as needed.
  • Carry out, if required, safety checks at reception desk and maintain the access control lists
  • Provide general information to employees, customers and the public about the Company’s rules and processes and the programs
  • Copy and staple documents in order to distribute them, mail them and file them
  • Sort and file documents under the established classification systems, track and retrieve documents from files as requested, and keep records up to date
  • Prepare and maintain reports from either paper or electronic files, and inventories, mailing lists and database
  • Manage correspondence
  • Assist with administrative and HR procedures
  • Maintain the inventory of office supplies, place orders as needed, and ensure that the office equipment is well maintained
  • Execute general accounting tasks, such as matching invoices
  • Sort, verify, and process as required receipts, expenses, forms and other documents
  • Schedule the carriers’ pick-ups and produce applicable documents
  • Perform other related tasks and administrative tasks


  • Vocational training in secretarial studies
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar position
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office Suite
  • Good knowledge of the accounting softwares
  • Excellent written and spoken French and functional written and spoken English
  • You are known for your self-reliance, attention to detail, discretion as well as your communication and organizational skills.


Our work is guided by a set of values that represent and drive us. On top of our insatiable passion and inspiring talent, the values of respect, honesty, team spirit, efficiency and quality are at the heart of our approach.


We have the utmost respect for our clients, colleagues, partners, deadlines, and the environment. Respect is central to everything we undertake.


We deliver your projects on time, every time, thanks to our efficient work methods and our team of highly qualified and passionate experts.


Collaboration is solid within our team. We strive to build lasting relationships with our partners. Unity is strength!


We offer fair and transparent quotes on design cost and time. We have nothing to hide.


The pursuit of excellence drives us daily. We maintain perfect control over the quality of our work at every stage of production.


Estampro is a Quebec company that promotes work-life balance. That’s why we offer flexible hours and generous benefits.


We offer a comprehensive group insurance plan (salary and health insurance).


Our factory and office employees are trained on the use of technology, machinery and other tools.


RRSP Employer Participation System


Employees may choose to work a four- or five-day weekly schedule.


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